NZ's controlling government direction


Prospective homeowners in the most expensive parts of the country will benefit from a new scheme under which the Government will take a silent stake in their homes.
(This is happening in Australia to) This is a major contradiction in terms, if houses are too expensive then don't buy them until they are affordable, the government taking a stake in the house will only maintain and increase the house prices and push the market further away from those who don't become part owned by the government. It will just trap more people into houses they can't afford at the very time they should be staying out, bringing more bankruptcies on a housing collapse. Yet they won't be able to walk away they will be beholden to the government for their contribution.

When a government takes over ownership of private property and businesses it is part of Fascism, what do you call it when they use your tax money to by the things you own! (Fascism)

This is very bad, taking my tax dollars so the government can buy a stake in someone else’s house! How stupid is that! On top of that I get In the mail today from my share broker the details of how I will need to pay 5% assumed dividend on any shares I own outside of NZ. Then we have the Cullen fund, they will give you a tax break if you give your saving money to the government to invest. So they are not happy just spending your tax money they also want to spend you savings money and own your house!

They have introduced "working for families" a scheme that gets a lot of people on the government payroll that traditionally were not beneficiaries. The government could have just taxed people less so they could have retained their own money and spent it how they see fit.

Now they ahave introducing a anti-smacking law on top of all that so you can't discipline your kids as the governments knows how to bring up your kids better than you do!

I don't think things will get better now, the pressure to become part of the system is building quickly. Inflation pressures are huge and unreported. Middle income people are being squeezed from all directions to become part of the government system. It is unsustainable, change will only be possible when with an economic collapse and at that time people will see that the only option is to change. I hope at that time change is made toward free market principles and freedom again.

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