Race to the bottom for currencies heating up


Global fiat money is turning everything upside down, no one wants a strong currency. Everyone is trying to destroy their currencies faster than the other! Why? Why would people want their store of value to go down in value? A big reasons is that fiat is debt not value, it’s a liability and people are in dept so don't mind the value of debt going down. If they had savings in real money this would not be the case.The NZD, AUD and every other "D" is getting more valuable compared to the US "D" so we obviously an't destroying our currencies fast enough!(The Japanese do it even better the US fed)But look here are some solutions being implemented at the moment:
NZ has just changed the Reserve bank rules so they can buy foreign currency without backing from other currencies.Please NZ'ers, understand that this means they will buy USD with NZD and pay high interest on NZD that was made form thin air, all this because we an't wrecking our currency fast enough to keep up with the US and Japan. Crazy, people don't know up from down anymore.And also this:
I'm in Thailand today and I read the paper finding they are implementing a number of measures to destroy their currency faster also:http://www.bangkokpost.com/News/17Jul2007_news01.php

The Bank of Thailand will introduce a package of relaxed capital controls this week to curb the continuing appreciation of the baht, BoT governor Tarisa Watanagase said yesterday. The package includes relaxing regulations that control capital outflow for investment and allowing exporters to hold US dollars for longer, instead of forcing them to hastily sell them and put upward pressure on the baht. "Other measures in the package are confidential," she said.

What is up and what is down, what was black and white is now confusing for the masses,

We are just comparing who has the least disgusting fiat currency. So what does it mean at the end of the day.How can we measure a flexible object with a rubber band? Gold & Silver, that’s the measure. Forget about fiat as a store of value, its value is being destroyed right in front of us.

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