Bullion Hallmarks


It’s important to know where your bullion comes from unless you want to have each bar individually assayed (Costly)

Below are hallmarks you may come across with pictures to help identify them.

Please make comments on this post if you have information to add and I will keep it updated.

ABC bullionAustralian Bullion Company
A well known buyer and supplier of precious metals based in Sydney
Academy Corporation
bullionAcademy Corporation
Located in Albuquerque, NM.
Academy bullion products have become quite popular with the new CNC machined silver bar! (Top)
A known and trusted US brand of bullion
Engelhard stopped turning out silver bars in the mid-1980s,
Credit Suisse 
bullionCredit Suisse
PAMP, a major refinery, produces Credit Suisse bullion bars. Credit Suisse is a major Swiss bank, which has a long history of selling precious metal bars with the Credit Suisse name stamped on them.
Johnson Matthey bullion
Johnson Matthey
Global well known refiner of precious metals
Pan american 
 BullionPan american
A large silver mining company.
Bars with the Pan American logo are not produced by Pan American but by the Northwest Territorial Mint.
Perth Mint
 BullionPerth Mint
The Perth mint refines basically all of the silver and gold produced in Australia and New Zealand, a globally well known product.
PETER W BECK bullion

PWB - Precious Metal Services, established in 1976, Peter W Beck is a privately owned and operated company located in Adelaide, South Australia.
They are less well known but an acknowledged refiner and producer of bullion products.

Rand Refinery BullionRand Refinery Limited
Based in South Africa
, they claim to be the world's largest GOLD refinery.
They are the only mint to produce the world famous Krugerrands
Wall Street Mint bullion
Wall Street Mint
100-oz silver bars, were first produced in 2002, they are produced by an extrusion process so they are exactly the same dimensions, which make them well suited for stacking.


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