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Dear readers and subscribers, GoldMeasures . com is no longer and has been replaced by

Someone got hold of my .com address even though I had the name locked and on auto-renew, when my credit card expiry date changed someone jumped in and grabbed my domain name, and too make matters worse it was used as some sort of spam site! (This spammer has been blocked now so the .com address does not even work at all, so it's just wasted.) Because I use a separate feed for my subscribers there has been no information lost or stolen etc... it's just a pain that's all.

However I have to take the blame,  complacency had set in, I should have been watching more closely.

Well there has been so much happening out there in the world and market place, you could not say we are living in boring times!

I've had my critics, but when I look back over previous posts have things changed?
I guess I have not posted as much as I used to because after my studies and realization about debt based money the outcome seem fairly well set, so I've just been "watching the show" as it were, but we have to be careful about complacency as the situation is serious, but I admit sometimes I do get a bit complacent, but after reading a bit of financial news it puts me back in my place, that is to take it seriously and be prepared.

I just reviewed some of my old posts to see if my opinions had changed much:

  • Broken Window Economics - May 2008 - An interesting read given the global "natural disasters" happening at home and abroad

  • The grand illusion - June 2008 - The temporary illusion of wealth that debt money can create.

  • The Silver Chair - March 2009 - Why to be wary of local council bonds, the problems have not started yet but I believe they will, you can see it happening in the USA now.

  • Famous last words - July 2009 - Alan Bollard reserve bank governor of New Zealand said on 14th July 09: "Early signs of global recovery have now emerged. We have avoided a repeat of the Great Depression," need I say more? well I did, in this article I have listed some very famous people saying similar things just after the great depression started.


The situation is still the same, I have said it before and I'll say it again "You can't have debt mean nothing and Money mean something at the same time"

I guess a lot people out there know that, but a lot of people don't want to hear it right now, at some point it will become the unavoidable truth.

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