NZ financial charts & data


New Zealand:
For New Zeeland I have created a range of graphs based on the officially available data from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand & Statistics NZ. I produced these as I could not find information in these combinations available elsewhere.

-GDP as a % of M3 (1960-2012)
Current account as % of GDP (1966-2012)
-Cumulative total NZ bal of payments 1965-2012 
NZ M3 vs.Total housing stock value
M3 vs. Population growth
Balance of trade - goods and services
NZ total credit card debt
NZ total available credit (credit cards)

Global by country comparison data:
Below are some very useful sites I have come across that are easy to use with user selected graphed data:
Index mundi
Nation Master

(No longer updating this data)
As the US no longer reports M3 (A subject in itself) it needs to be calculated independently, I lookup John Williams' A great site to find out what’s really happing, also importantly here is found the real CPI, which is used to produce many other numbers like GDP, So if the CPI is underreported then of course this has important implications including making the economy look better than it really is. (The USA is not alone here, most "Western counties" pull this trick, its a not on my shift mentality - (Recession).
Also here are some of my own charts made using official US stats:
1959-2006 FED funds rate vs. M3 yearly % change
1959-2006 1year T bill vs. % yearly change in M3
1959-2006 M3 vs. Compounded 1959 M3


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